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Bengali Wedding Invitation

by Prashant Arts Media

Bengali Wedding Invitation cards

“Once in a while, right in the middle of ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale." – Anonymous

Like every state, Bengal also has unique marriage customs and rituals that are both intriguing and captivating. Bengali weddings known as “biye” in Bangla are known for their spectacular traditional customs, creating a vibrant and colorful celebration that fosters new relationships.

A fairytale wedding is a dream come true for many. Every such elaborate plan requires an exceptionally professional yet creative wedding invitation card.

Add an authentic touch to your Bengali wedding with a Bangla biyer card!

Bengali invitation cards for marriage are crafted with a deep appreciation for the traditional motifs, colors, and fonts that beautifully showcase the rich culture and heritage of Bengal.

Choose from our wide range of templates, featuring sacred symbols like the swastika, beautiful floral patterns, temple backgrounds and much more.

Furthermore, you have the option of including couple caricatures in your invitation card to add a touch of levity and to give your invitation a more personalized appearance.  

Create your own personalized Bengali wedding invitation card to announce your special day! 

We have a wide range of options available for selecting the ideal Bengali marriage card design. Our artists excel in creating a wide range of designs, including the perfect font style, card design, background, and special characters like caricatures, portraits, and the inclusion of couple photos or videos. To give your Bangla biyer invitation card an elaborate design and feel, you can also include your own music selection.

Customize your wedding card in the language of your choice! Indeed, our highly skilled team can now create wedding invitations in Bengali language!

Impress your guests with a wedding invitation that showcases your grand plans! Whether you're planning a destination wedding or hosting it at home, you now have the option to incorporate stunning templates to showcase your wedding venue.

Share your grand wedding plans with your loved ones and ensure that every detail is mentioned on your invitation card.

Make your Bengali wedding invitation card a cherished memory by highlighting significant events such as Aashirbaad (engagement), Gaye Holud (haldi), Shubho Drishti, Mala Bodol and Shubho Bibaho (wedding). Create an exclusive invitation for your beautiful Bengali biye!

The Boubhaat or reception is an essential part of every Bengali wedding, taking place on the third day after the marriage. Include information about Boubhaat in your Bengali wedding invitation card, emphasizing the location, date, and time. You have the option to personalize it as a standalone invitation or incorporate it into your Bengali wedding invitation card.

When it comes to cherishing every moment of your wedding festivities, pre-wedding parties are a must! Personalize your Bengali marriage card for pre-wedding events such as dinner parties with friends and close relatives, cocktail parties, and more.

Every magical wedding needs an invitation card to beautifully express the enchantment that awaits in your life!

Contact us today and let us know your how we can help you design the perfect Bangla biyer wedding invitation card.

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