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Baby Shower Invitation

by Prashant Arts Media

A wonderful definition of "Baby Shower" or "Godh Bharai" is "filling the lap with abundance". Motherhood is an incredibly joyful and awaited occasion for women. There's the thrill of creating life, and there's the responsibility of keeping the baby healthy and happy. This is where the depth and variety of Indian traditions become apparent. To bless the expectant woman and her child, the Godh Bharai or also known as the Seemantham ceremony is usually held in the third trimester.  The family discreetly develops a strong support system for the woman and her expectant while celebrating with great food, joyous songs and fun games. Before the baby arrives, parents form a deep spiritual and emotional attachment.

Our gorgeous Baby Shower Invitations will take every moment for the soon-to-be mother to the next level. To create a memory that will last a lifetime on this momentous occasion, we provide a wide selection of card templates and designs that can be completely personalised.

Explore a diverse range of baby shower invitations for boys, baby shower invitations for girls or baby shower invitations for twins. All our templates feature designs that are both conventional and contemporary. Every card has been thoughtfully crafted to offer the versatility required to design your ideal baby shower card.

With our exclusive and artistically created Godh Bharai invitation cards, which are worded eloquently in either English or your native language, you can invite your family and friends to celebrate this joyous event of your Godh Bharai.

Discover a wide selection of elegant design templates for your Seemantham invitation, also known as Valaikappu invitations, in our exclusive library. Our collection features exquisitely crafted baby shower invitation cards, beautifully worded in English, Hindi or your native language.

Unleash your creativity and design an exquisite Dohale Jevan invitation card that reflects your unique style! We offer a wide range of colour options that can be applied to the text, background, patterns, and other design elements to create a card that perfectly matches the mother-to-be's preferences.

Emphasising the significance of the overall design to the theme of your celebration, it is the personal touches and choice of words that truly add a unique touch to your baby shower invitation. Explore our wide range of exquisite fonts to add a touch of individuality to every line of text!


Provide all the necessary information about the venue, time, and date, and RSVP distinctively! Share your digital baby shower invitation with your guests through email or any social media platform, allowing them to join in on this special moment in your life!

Feel free to send an email or give a call to our team of professionals who specialise in baby shower invitation card design. Our devoted team is always there to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your choices of card design or any other relevant concern. We are sure to help you explore and experiment with new designs and ideas from a variety of perspectives.

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